The Divine Concoction — Distilled Intoxication

When a beaten and bruised seeker settles under “The Tree” — settling, but not for peace — to end years of strife with seeking…

Distilling the concoction of all life experiences — And, to be relentlessly in stillness, until existence yields — until he…

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Of the five senses

The Tastes of my Tongue and Heart — stands out and tells me the tales of the boundless

Overriding and overwhelming my Tastes, with music and Divine(or natural) fragrances — A Herculean task

Like Sisyphus taking a breather of a walk— between the time and space of the rolling down boulder (Or is he enjoying the Task? and prides in his brief bask)

Gluttony is a sin: or, is it so? — Isn’t only when I grab from other’s plate

The Leaves of the Fig tree Rustling: Thanks to a gentle breeze:is music to a trained mind: But hustling a ripened Fig isn’t a sin, for a timid squirrel…

Ignore my Fallacies or Advise


Aravindh V Bala

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Trees and their leaves— Leaves of an Oak culled by its own need — Sucking ounces of nourishment that was once shared — A(d) Just act for every Fall!

Lions and Lioness — Incoming wandering Male invoking alpha protocol — Mercilessly eating the cubs of his now won-over mate! —…

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Four Decades, I roam naked and shameless — Thoughtful and Selfless

Mindful deeds, Kindest being, a man with a Lion’s heart — All meaningless,

Makes meaning and sense though, gain acceptance and adulation in a sane world

Hard work, work ethics, discipline, honesty, a role model — and the likes…

Should take me wherever I wish — I wish and wish, as life hikes

Mindless, outcome less work — and yet, I swell in pride…

Experiences gathered, seen some colors, painted some pictures, some wonderful paintings and some between beauty and ugly, some beyond and some outside…

Only, a few hours ago, heard the din within

A steady hand, drawing the Canvas!

How Shameless to brag??

Ignore my fallacies or advice


Aravindh V Bala

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Multiplicity — Life’s vigor, one and only succor. As spread out, your shade never sparse. Blue sky touching you before refreshing us.

Your Graceful bowing is an elephant’s trunk — I touch and you caress. Always a Blessing, unlike the gentle giant’s unruly behavior in musth and heat.

Never-ending, never…

I had seen him here & there, almost always there and here,

Closing eyes in front of a mirror

I got a feeling of the unknown

but a warmth I had never known

A person standing to support me, I thought

But the blind man, that he is

He threw…

Inclusion is not an act — It is a quality

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When Coffers are full

When life’s flowing & no lull

Celebration, Festivities & ball

Kith & Kin, gather at hall

Some assemble by call, Some — they fall

For our coffers are full

Pray & You get

Wish & it’s…

Belief and inclusion — aren’t they antonyms to each other?

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Hell & Heaven both at sight
Power of Choice — Twilight and Might
Good and Bad — Moral, Immoral and Amoral
Sinner and Saint — Angels & Demons
Those who pray and others whiling away

Thief and Philanthropist
Forgiver and Avenger

Compassion of Master

Photo by Grégoire Hervé-Bazin on Unsplash

The First Fire that was flamed — is still in use

Though our species tend to think — we tamed the fuse

When it is in Rage

We Fall back, acknowledging — The Master

Playing in Yellow and Blues

To Mention, a spark of it

A spark…

Photo by Jeff Lemond on Unsplash

Of Race, of Religion

Of money and of owning a legion

Of attires and desires

Of Jewels and the places we dwell

Of one’s Memory and Imagination

Leave alone — Paying attention

Of Keeping time and deliberately skipping

Of Employment and Slavery

Of Design and Architecture

Even of morbid caricatures.

Aravindh V Bala

JOY || To climb,my lungs ache — To stay, my heart aches. I climb inevitably || Mountains, I adore. Music, I bow || For my novice mind is humbled ever •°•°•°••°°

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