Butterfly, Eagle & !!


Photo by Jevgeni Fil on Unsplash

Flutters so soft

Days of Joy

Flower to flower to flower

Nay Butterfly coy!

– – – –

Once caught prey- Pray Kill

After few decades

Unspeakable pain

Rebirth to live well – break bill

– – – –

Shows no signs

No suffer yet

Transform Into Colours

– – – –

Flutter by or High fly

Colours or above clouds

Transmute and wilfully forgo

Regrow to Live some more

No choice for them!

– – – –

What’s holding you?

Flowers, Food, Fragrances!

Friends or Foe!

With Love

Aravindh V Bala



Aravindh V Bala

JOY || To climb,my lungs ache — To stay, my heart aches. I climb inevitably || Mountains, I adore. Music, I bow || For my novice mind is humbled ever •°•°•°••°°