Donning Our Human Hat

Aravindh V Bala
Feb 13, 2022

The Clash of Ironies

My View with a Pessimistic view point

Photo by Mahdi Bafande on Unsplash

No Peachy Peace, Unjust Wars — Omnicidal, Endless and Forever wars of today

No Physical Pain, Unjust Suffering — Self-inflicted, pure & super Self-help and Oblivion

No real need, Unjust hoarding — Bottomless, Primordial and aiding the disgusting trash making

No Path, Beautiful Forests — Cut, Clear and Meadows for Grazing

Not One, But Many — Divisive, Propaganda and Social revenge

Not you, But Me — Reptilian, Survivalistic and apparently Humane

Ignore my Fallacies or Advise

With Love

Aravindh V Bala



Aravindh V Bala

JOY || To climb,my lungs ache — To stay, my heart aches. I climb inevitably || Mountains, I adore. Music, I bow || For my novice mind is humbled ever •°•°•°••°°