Meaning is a Mean word

Aravindh V Bala
1 min readMar 29, 2021

Life’s meaning & purpose is Life itself

Photo by Mark Fletcher-Brown on Unsplash

The gentle breeze

That soothes my being

And the generous Cuckoo

Showers an eternal spring

Bees & Butterflies joyful

Of their usual fling

Trees around nodding in gentle

Acceptance to every & any damned thing

Clouds moving about weighing & spying

The meagre space below to

Rain their blessings

With Sky witnessing this & much more

Without any divine clinging….

Soothed by a momentary breeze

And the Cuckoo that followed — Bees

& Butterflies & Trees & Cloud & Sky — In All

Eagerness of reason, meaning & logic — I utter


Lost in beauty & serenity –

I missed the mosquito naughty

flying & singing: Pricked me

Coming out of my trance of acceptance & attention

Tending to my-own-self…

I seek — meaning & reason

As for a Mosquito, blood makes life & by helpless, ceaseless pursuit it dies

Questions poured — What??

What is it for the being in question?? What is the meaning of life??

Will I find meaning before I die?

Whilst, It Occurred — that a mosquito knows better!!

That — Meaning is a Mean word

Ignore my Fallacies or Advise


Aravindh V Bala



Aravindh V Bala

JOY || To climb,my lungs ache — To stay, my heart aches. I climb inevitably || Mountains, I adore. Music, I bow || For my novice mind is humbled ever •°•°•°••°°